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With immediate effect Cernunnos MCC is no more.
Thank you to all that have supported us through the last 25 years of our existence.

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Cernunnos MCC - Photograph Gallery - Charity Headshave

On Wednesday 19th April 2006 at The Robin Hood Public House, Clifton Reynes (near Olney), Pauline (a member of Cernunnos MCC) had her head shaved for an operation on her ear. She has a collapsed ear canal and the surgeons need to shave her head to perform a bone graft operation to correct her collapsed ear canal.

The hairdresser booked for the event failed to turn up so the landlord, Reg, stepped in.

Pauline works as a play specialist at Cold Harbour Children's Centre, and they are trying to raise money for play equipment that ALL the children can use (children with and without special needs).

Pauline is also a member of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD). The NABD is a registered charity set up by a small group of people who believe that disability should not take away the enjoyment of motorcycling.

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