Important announcement
With immediate effect Cernunnos MCC is no more.
Thank you to all that have supported us through the last 25 years of our existence.

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Cernunnos MCC - Mabon Rally - 2002


Long Distance Male - Ben Ruddick
Long Distance Female - Liz Maxim
Long Distance Small capacity - Otto
Club Turnout - Barrel Bikers

In addition

"The Uncertain Antelopes MCC" were recognized for their efforts in the silly games.

Thanks to

Ogri MCC for the loan of the Burco
Guardians of the Golden Chalice MCC for getting our firewood.
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CMCC photos by

Adrian, Ivan, Roger, & Otter. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version.
The trophies wheel barrow race three-legged race arm wrestling arm wrestling tag egg race egg race un armed wrestling unarmed wrestling Ben - Long distance Male - Receiving his award from his chairman, Des Liz - Long distance Female Barrel - Club Turnout "but it's mine" "have I won yet?" Not the cement mixer Ivan going to the fire Burning the boat Angie at the fire Aaagh. Singing, not singeing Patrick at the fire Rich tending the fire Sunday morning having a leak
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