Cernunnos MCC - It's pronounced: kur-nun-noss em-see-see

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Cernunnos What's On App

App launched for your android phone
3rd Aug 18
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After the Beltane Bike Fest

BBF - story and pictures
13th May 18
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Beltane Bike Fest 2018

Back by popular (?) demand, and back at 'The Hood'
14th Apr 18
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Beltane Bike Fest 2018
added: 14th April 2018

Cernunnos MCC

May 12th 2018. Usual relaxed Bike Show and gathering, run by bikers for bikers. There'll be some bikes, some trophies, some food and some music. Come along - free entry, and free to enter your bikes in the show. All winners chosen by you.

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