Cernunnos MCC - It's pronounced: kur-nun-noss em-see-see

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Mabon Rally Ticket Request Form

Enter the information below then click [Preview] and print it out and send it with your cheque and a stamped addressed envelope.
If you want to change anything on the preview just use your browser's back button to return to the form, make your changes and hit [Preview] again.

Important things to note:

  • This information is not stored – it is to make sure that we have the right cheque, and the right number of tickets, in the right SAE.
  • This form doesn't order the tickets for you (like other online forms that take your money, etc) it just creates a simple letter for you to send with the cheque/postal order.
Your name
Your email (so we can let you know about our rally next year)
Club name (leave blank if not applicable)
First line of your address
Second line of address
Prebook tickets (at £10 each)
other information
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