Cernunnos MCC - It's pronounced: kur-nun-noss em-see-see

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Cernunnos Motor Cycle Club is a pagan-orientated motor bike club that was formed in 1996 by a small band of people with a number of common interests: two of these interests are biking & having a good time.

The rides we have owned have been as diverse as Aprilia, Armstrong, Brough, BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Norton, Suzuki, Triumph, & Yamaha. These have included trikes, sidecar combos, cruisers, naked standard bikes, & sports bikes - and loads in between. The first step to becoming a member is to come to a meeting.
Although we have a web site we are not an internet club.

And because we like doing rallies & parties, & attending bike shows, etc., we organize our own rally - the Mabon trad rally.

If you would like to find out more about the pagan god Cernunnos, and about Mabon, then try the links on this page.

5c0ot3r Boi
A spoof on Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi".
Music by Sons of Sisyphus.
Animation by Otter.

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On this website is a comprehensive biker party and rallies guide; there are links to other bike clubs, MCCs, MCs, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, and bike organisations in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Every Thursday we meet at the Coffee Pot Tavern, 30 High Street, Yardley Gobion, Northamptonshire from 8:30pm.

is affiliated to the NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability). They provide all kinds of support for those riders (existing or new) who want to get on the road after accidents or illnesses.

Cernunnos MCC is also affiliated to the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation). The BMF was founded in 1960 as the Federation of National One Make Motorcycle Clubs. It renamed itself the BMF in 1965.

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In 2007, at the beginning of September, Steve Taylor, known to us as Harley Steve, had gone to hospital for a planned heart operation that would've brought some relief from the chest pains that he had been suffering. Unfortunately he suffered a stroke after the operation and never regained consciousness. He died at 6.30am 23rd September 2007.

A big thank you to all of you that came to see Steve off at his funeral on Monday 8th October.
R.I.P. Harley Steve / 1955 - 2007

Recently added events
27-09-2016Warrington Wheels 2017
26th May
Warrington Wheels 2017

27-09-2016Barnstormer Rally
15th June
Estonians MCC
Barnstormer Rally
North Yorkshire

25-09-201616th Annual Telford Christmas Motorcycle Run
18th December
Bug Splatz MCC
16th Annual Telford Christmas Motorcycle Run

23-09-2016Hop Sa Sa Rally
30th September
Blaze of Glory MC
Hop Sa Sa Rally
Rest of world

16-09-201610th Anniversary party
29th October
Eye of Ra MCC
10th Anniversary party

16-09-20163rd Annual Deadhead Fest
5th November
Totenkopf MCC
3rd Annual Deadhead Fest

16-09-2016Survivors Party #2
1st October
Lionhearts MCC
Survivors Party #2

15-09-2016Bats In The Belfry
22nd October
Bats In The Belfry

05-09-2016Halloween Party
29th October
Ogri MCC
Halloween Party

03-09-20165 Balls in Hand
1st October
Rugby RAG
5 Balls in Hand

30-08-201631st World Record Breaking Toy Run
4th December
Reading Christian Motorcyclists
31st World Record Breaking Toy Run

30-08-2016MAGS at the Nags IV
21st October
North Kent MAG
MAGS at the Nags IV

29-08-2016Moxters of Mosh
8th October
The Victoria Bikers Pub
Moxters of Mosh

12th May
Tyne Cyclones MCC

17-08-201631st Frozen Nuts Rally
3rd February
Dangermouse Rally Club
31st Frozen Nuts Rally

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