Important announcement
With immediate effect Cernunnos MCC is no more.
Thank you to all that have supported us through the last 25 years of our existence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Cernunnos MCC website help me?

On the Cernunnos MCC website there is a list of rallies that is continually updated. There are also pages with links to other bike clubs and a page of links that would be of interest to bikers. The pages for links to other clubs also shows the club's patch or logo

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Where can I find a list of biker rallies in the UK?

The What's On list on the Cernunnos MCC website lists many rallies in the UK. It also has some details for a few rallies in Ireland and Europe. If you are holding an event that may be of interest to bikers there is a form on the website to enter your event's details

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How can I promote my biker rally to a wider audience?

On the Cernunnos MCC website is a form to enter your event's details. Once the event is approvedit will appear on a page that is viewed by hundreds of bikers every day.

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Is there a website that shows names of motorcycle clubs?

On the Cernunnos MCC website there is a list of motorcycle club names. This is not a complete list, but it is exhaustive. It does contain names of clubs that are no longer in existance. Elsewhere on the site are pages that have links to many current clubs.

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Are there websites that promote or explain paganism?

Paganism is a vast subject to cover. Cernunnos MCC is a pagan-orientated motorcycle club and its website is mainly an information portal for bikers but there are pages that can be used as a springboard into the world of pagans.

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